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Nov 15, 2020
Aug 1, 2004
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Nov 15, 2020
    1. 10036581
      Nuno Saramago
      Hi Daniel,
      My son Filipe wants to play OT too, but we have to share the computer. So i'm asking your permition to create his profile.
      Thanks Saramago
    2. 294159
      Alessandro De Gregoris
      Hi Daniel I've got a small problem that I'd like to solve: months ago I lost my account because someone has told me to give him my pass and I have stupidly accepted. Now I've my new account but I'd like to know if my old account is today existing...
      The name was Professor Cagnoni, Georgian
      user name: maiale
      old pass.: alemari2
      Please if you have time, help me!
    3. 10001895
      Stiven Tenjo
      Dear Daniel ). I need your help. I was resetting my Skill tree, but as you know, we need 5 points in Legend and I alloted 4 as I ran out of points because I made a mistake with the previous item, would it be possible that you reseted my skill tree because it is just unpayable for me.
    4. 10001747
      Fede Estrada
      Daniel please read the email sent to the support email adress and then answer please. This is an important problem for spending several days without any reply
    5. 172609
      Wietek Grochow
      Hi yesterday I sent 2 x news of ot dollars and nothing came!
      see how you can why not come ot dollars?
    6. 207777
      Christian Wojciechowski
      Hallo Daniel! Mein Profil kann Ich leider nicht öffnen! Wollte mal Fragen warum es sich nicht öffnen lässt? Konnte Dich leider nicht Privat anschreiben, da Ich nicht weiß wie Ich das machen soll! Danke schonmal im vorraus für die Antwort, eine schöne Zeit, bis dann Christian
    7. 10019950
      Miqueas Nasello
    8. 10019950
      Miqueas Nasello
      mecke, solucion problem ot dollar bug please. no speak aleman, solo español
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